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Veronica will tell you what goodre@ds will not


Hi! I’m Veronica from Queensland and you can find me in goodreads posting rants on books. I created this blog to provide information about books that prestigious sites such as Goodreads, Kirkus reviews and Common sense Media are not telling you regarding the erotic content of books marketed for underage readers and other problematic issues. I’ll mention Sarah J. Maas books because her Empire of Storms and the A court of Mist and Fury contain explicit scenes, (non-fade to black)  of fellatio and cunnilingus and still they are marketed as appropiate for under age readers. The information of erotic content on books marketed for underage readers isn’t widely known and I’ll lay the information out there so parents and readers can make informed decisions about reading or buying a certain book.


I might also rant about my biggest trigger in Romance books: Cheating.


This isn’t a call for authors to stop writing whatever they want.

This isn’t a call for you to attack authors whose works I really enjoy.

This is a call for honest reviews and precise information that serves us the readers and not the agenda of publishing companies.


I’ll praise the reviewers (booktubers or casual reviewers) who give people information that the publishing industry would prefer not let people know. Thank you for your honest reviews!


Clean, fluffy young adult? That's so hard to find these days!

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame - Jenn P. Nguyen

Just to add some parental guidance, this is one of the few YA reads marketed as YA that are indeed clean, but I'll add a warning for language. Nothing particularly innaproppiate, no f- bombs. 
Nothing they wouldn't hear on TV.

4.5 stars rounded because FINALLY! A young adult is REALLY a young adult book, and not a NEW ADULT book pretending to lure underage teens to its dirty sex scenes (cough ACOMAF cough)

This book is REAL, age appropiate young adult. 


Seriously. I can't be the only one noticing that lately you find almost the same amount of nudity, drama, sex, and heavy topics such as drugs, rape, cheating, bullying, violence, and "inappropiate" behaviour in "YA romance" books than you'd find in edgy New adult, adult fiction, even erotica. (cough Paper Princess, cough)


Well ladies and gentleman THE WAY TO GAME THE WALK OF SHAME (promising yet tonguetwister-ish title) is a book that isn't trying to pretend to be what isn't. You know from reading the blurb that you'll encounter the typical high school drama, the bad boy, the nerdy girl, the fake relationship, the mean characters and for once CUTE YOUNG ADULT ROMANCE LIGHT ON DRAMA AND A FULL OF CUTE, AGE APPROPIATE FUN. Anyone looking for heavy drama, originality or edginess won't find it here. This is a book that might appeal to readers in search of a romance with no complications, no cheating, plenty of fun banter, cuteness and in short, ENTERTAINMENT.

As I said, this book isn't prentending and isn't pretentious. It's not trying to be original, what book is? and it's not trying to be intelectual. The premise is very basic and very compelling. Taylor, a nerdy girl, is bullied at her school for being, well, nerdy! Oh! so you're a nerd? virgin? bookworm? Let's make fun of you. 

Then our nerdy heroine finds herself in the bed of the school playboy. Isn't that cool? And neither remember a lot of that "wild" night.

It turns our that our virginal nerd girl finds herself again the victim of bullying. This time one of the worst forms of bullying: slutshaming. OH how dare you sleep with a manwhore? Someone you aren't dating? He can sleep with a lot of girls and that's fine, but YOU are a woman and you shouldn' t ake control of your sexual life, you shouldn't make bad decisions, you should stay in your nerdy role and never stray from it. To get rid of the slutshaming she asks Evan (book boyfriend, I want him to be real) to date her in real life and he not only accepts! he even drafts a contract! Who the hell has a contract for a relationship?

Perhaps .... 




This fake relationship is supposed to save heroine's reputation. Because slutshaming works with double standards and women can never win. If you are a virgin you're a prude, a judgmental bitch, an undersirable nerd. If you sleep with someone after a moment of poor judgement you are a slut. All this sounds very heavy right? It's what's happening, in this school and all around us, but that's not what the book is about. The author could have made this book an anti-slutshaming and pro-feminist book, but instead she focused in the story, in the fun, in the banter, in the entertaining factor. This book is not preachy at all, it's not dramatic. It's just fun for the sake of fun!

The book being a Young adult book, doens't have a lot of steaminess, but it compensates that with cuteness and smiles. YOu have to suspend disbelief a little because the attitude of the teachers in this book is almost supporting of bullying in a student, but other than that I think this book is a great read. It might be silly at times, this is a book that you shouldn't think too much or you might start to find things that will ruin your reading experiences. This is a mindless reading but that's what makes it a great summer read.

I want to read more of the author.

Safety issues:H unfortunately kind of has eyes for other girls after starting to date the heroine, but everything was so cute that didn't bother me.